Mrs Russian America

20 most beautiful Russian speaking girls!
Famous actors, show business celebrities, designers, businessmen, bloggers and media will all meet that night
February 25, 2021 at the TAGLYAN complex

February 25, 2021 in the Taglyan complex.

This evening will bring together famous actors and show business stars, stylists and designers, businessmen, bloggers and media. We can see how Mrs. Russian America 2021

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Mrs Russian America 2021 is one of the largest Russian projects in the US.

Be with us! Participate, become a partner, sponsor and come to the show in February to Taglyan Cultural Complex, Los Angeles, California.

Famous actors and show business celebrities, best designers, businessmen, sportspeople and media will all be present that night. That night 20 most beautiful girls will be showcasing the best collections of 2021 and fighting for the main title - Mrs Russian America 2021.

Casting Mrs Russian America 2021

We are inviting Russian speaking girls form 21 to 40. To apply for participation in the contest in Mrs Russian America 2021.

Submit your application

Forms without photo are not accepted, you can fill out the form on the website or sent it to

How It Was Mrs. Russian America 2020

Trailer L Mrs Russian America 2020by Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Mrs Russian America на Music Boxby Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Mrs Russian America 2020 полная версия Full episodeby Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Фотосессия Миссис Русская Америкаby Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Миссис Русская Америка Кастинг 2by Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Why should I go?



The best of the best will meet here – celebrities, businesspeople, politicians and sportspeople.



You will learn everything about the fashion in 2021, will get valuable advice from show business representatives.



Mrs Russian America 2021 are the most beautiful girls in the US.



Mrs Russian America will be staged by famous director Henry Lipatov Director, Producer, VFX Supervisor of such Music Videos as “Limitless” Jennifer Lopez, “I am phenomenal” and “Framed” EMINEM, “Heartbeat” Kelly Clarckson, “Privacy”, “Questions”, “Tempo” Chris Brown and many others



You will be able to meet interesting people and maybe even future partners.

We invite you to watch the show and spend an unforgettable evening at the beauty contest and the awarding ceremony!

Taglyan Cultural Complex, 1201 Vine St, Los Angeles, California 90038

February 25, 2021

Red carpet


Beauty pageant


Beautiful show


Award ceremony


Fashion show of famous designers


Project’s organizer

Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Mrs Russian America producer; publisher of WEST EAST LOS ANGELES Russian Newspaper

Celebrity photographer in Hollywood. Works with fashion magazines in Russia and in the US.

Participant, consultant and organizer of reality shows in the US. Organizer and author of the projects in the entertainment sphere and VIP destinations.

 +1 (510) 484-5560


Our team

Henry Lipatov

Award Winning Director, Producer, Visual Effects Supervisor. He received an Award for the best Visual Effects in “A Tricky Treat” short film in Cannas, 2015. And he received an Award as Director for the Best Music Video “Wanna Be Younk”CKF INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, South Film and Arts Academy Festival, TOP SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL 2019, founder of Beverly Films. He is also well-known as a director for his films: Colors of Souls (2015), The Secret Game (2017), TV Show – Magic7 (2018) and multiple Music Videos. Director, Producer, VFX Supervisor of such Music Videos as “Limitless” Jennifer Lopez, “I am phenomenal” and “Framed” EMINEM, “Heartbeat” Kelly Clarckson, “Privacy”, “Questions”, “Tempo” Chris Brown and many

Maria Kucherenko (Redvanskaya)

Art - Director Mrs Russian America

  • * Model of the Year 2019; Los Angeles.
  • * Best Radio Broadcaster “Europa +” 2009; Khabarovsk
  • * Director of annual fashion shows “Bridal of the year” 2004-2008; Khabarovsk
  • * Runway trainer with 23 years of experience in Russia and USA.
  • * Face and lead model of Wella Hair Color for European Fashion tour in Greece, Germany, France and Spain; 2000.
  • * Worked as a model in LAFW, OCFW, European Fashion week, Russian Fashion weeks, Atlas Fashion week, Art Fashion week, etc.

Igor Malakhov


Work with celebrities , musicians, public persons. Photoshoots for magazines:Elle, LOfficiel, Maxim, Hello, Faddy, Gmaro and others .

Our partners

Become a partner of Mrs Russian America 2021

We will help you, your business and brand to promote and not only.

 +1 510 484 55 60

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Showcasing one of the largest stained-glass ceilings in the world, the stylish Taglyan Cultural Complex combines old-world European elegance with state-of-the art-technology. The gracious entrance is reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance villa, featuring a beautifully landscaped patio that leads right into a dramatic marble foyer. The 7,000 square-foot grand ballroom is decorated with green marble pillars and elaborate, cascading crystal chandeliers, and if that’s not enough, the jaw-dropping glass ceiling can be programmed to shift colors with an elaborate lighting system. Two top-of-the-line kitchens, ample underground parking, a luxurious bridal room, and exclusive in-house catering by Divine Food & Catering, leaves nothing left to be desired at the Taglyan Cultural Complex.